Non -Profit for Public Benefit Since 1986

Queue-Up ., a nonprofit public benefit 501© 3 organization located in the County of Los Angeles California and service the City Residents of Los Angeles, Compton, Long Beach, Lynwood, South Gate, Carson, Gardena, Hunting Park, Paramount Ingewood and Watts share an interest with in improving the health and welfare of the lives of Veterans youth, adults and handicapped.Of particular importance to us is your emphasis on the person development.

Queue-Up Inc was, found by late Mrs. Shirley Quarmyne and others board members, in June of 1986 as a California Non-profit community based organization. Queue-Up assisted persons regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability or medical condition, except under special circumstance that would constitute either an occupational limitation or limitation in participation in the program offered. In 1995 Corrine Paige became the Executive Director at that time Mrs. Paige implemented a new program. Due to Budget cuts in 2004, we no longer have the transitional housing program, we had to downsize it too a Call in (only) Referral Service “Affordable Clearing Housing” Queue-Up’s Complete Person Support Service to assist them stability of their lives and find permanent housing medical care and employment.

The Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program:  This Innovative technique has been medically proven to be therapeutic when the usage of a large animal is used as a therapeutic mechanism.  We are dedicated to teaching all youth and adults including Veterans, those with Disabilities PSTD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Multiple Sclerosis and Learning or Languages Disabilities.  Members learn the art and technique of horseback riding and animal husbandry.  We have had enormous success in paring members with horses. The program provides an all-around social integration with members that have had difficulties in these areas emotional, behavioral, social, mental, and physical.

Royal Youth Rider: The Therapeutic environment is geared to help inner city youths become well rounded and productive citizens in the community.  Equestrian fundamentals training includes that all stabling, feeding and proper grooming of horses, and saddling procedures as part of the general lesson plan. The program provides field trips with career-education mind set. We encourage the consumers to become involved with apprenticeships, employment placement centers and entrepreneurial programs, and will introduce the youth to careers.  Activities that the Students participate in are Bull riding, Team Penning, Bull Dogging, Barrel Racing Competition and other programs. Education is emphasized, our written work includes: Reading, Math, History, and most aspects of Animal Husbandry. We give tutoring at an unofficial After School Program.

Affordable Clearing Housing: We have volunteers to the approach the private sector landlords in aggressive efforts.  That will agree to rent to a person who does not have the best credit history or any at all. Most of our clients are transiting into a new life, after a completing time in prison, drug rehabilitation, battered shelters or  hospitals. We inform the landlord that we do help our fellow man.